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November 25, 2015
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December 6th, 2002: DEXplor is now available for the Casio BE-300 Pocket Manager.

DEXplor, the Dexterous Explorer Framework, is a powerful new File Explorer for the Pocket PC which introduces several innovations to file management.

Priced at $13.95, DEXplor is a true value that includes advanced Zip File support and a full Registry Editor.

Additional Features:

Hybrid Tree-List Pocket PCs have small displays. DEXplor introduces a new method of organizing and displaying files that makes optimal use of small displays. The organizational power of a Tree is combined with the display and sorting capabilities of a multi-column list. Instead of dividing your small Pocket PC display up into two tiny sections like other file explorers, DEXplor uses the entire display at once. Further enhancements to optimize viewing on small displays include auto sizing columns to fit their contents, and automatic horizontal scrolling to compensate for item indentation.

Plugin Support DEXplor is a versatile, open-ended framework. Plugins can be installed to seamlessly provide new capabilities to DEXplor. Why purchase and install separate applications for things like ZIP files and Registry Editing, when it can all be done in one place?

ZIP Plugin This plugin provides full ZIP and gZip support to DEXplor. Zip files are treated just like directories, which allows you to effortlessly Drag / Drop or Cut / Copy / Paste files into and out of Zip files.

Registry Editor Plugin Full Registry Editor which uses DEXplor's innovative Tree List control. Features include Drag / Drop, Cut / Copy / Paste, the ability to create values of all types, and a Hexadecimal editor for manipulating Binary values.

Task Manager Plugin See what's going on behind your back on your Pocket PC. The Task Manager lists all running Processes, and includes the ability to terminate processes. The following are some of the additional fields available only for devices with a StrongARM processor: Percent of CPU the process is using, Number of Threads the Process has, Process Priority, Total CPU time each process has consumed, etc.

Association Editor A full featured, easy to use Association Editor allows you to modify what programs are associated with various file extensions. This is the only Pocket PC Association Editor equipped with an Icon Browser for choosing Icons to represent file associations.

Shortcut Editor Create and edit existing shortcuts. Includes easy parameter handling, and the ability to browse for files.

Custom Send To Commands Create your own Send To commands to Copy, Move, Create Shortcuts, and even launch external programs. Keeping with DEXplor's flexibility, you may select your own icons to represent your custom commands, as well as add them to the toolbar.

Advanced Menus Even DEXplor's popup menus are innovative. In addition to displaying icons to make it easy to find the command you want, DEXplor's menu features an exclusive Single Tap capability. You can tap-hold on an item to display the Popup Menu, then, without lifting the stylus, select the desired command and release.

Advanced Font Support DEXplor sports the most advanced display options available. Whether using ClearType fonts, or Icon Scaling with Bilinear Filtering to scale icons to match the font height, DEXplor lets you see more on your small Pocket PC screen at once with greater clarity.

User Configurable DEXplor's setting system uses a custom Settings Tree to make it easy to find and change settings. Columns are completely user-configurable, with many data fields to choose from. Advanced File Filtering allows you to choose what type of files you want DEXplor to show or hide based on many different criteria.

Cost Priced at $13.95 (USD), DEXplor sets a new standard for quality and functionality at a cost everyone can afford!

Version 1.30 Enhancements:

Customizable Send To - Create your own Send To commands to Copy, Move or Create Shortcuts. You can even create Send To commands that launch external programs. Includes the ability to select custom icons to represent your Send To commands.

Fully Configurable Toolbars - Place any of DEXplor's 20+ commands anywhere you like on the toolbar. You can even add your own custom Send To commands to the toolbar.

User-selectable Font Sizes - Choose from 5 font sizes.

Icon Scaling - DEXplor can scale the icons to match the currently selected font size. This allows for many more items to be viewed on the display at one time.

Zip Password Support - Full support for adding or extracting encrypted password protected files to zip archives.

New Documentation - DEXplor's documentation has been completely rewritten. DEXplor now supports context sensitive help, which displays the appropriate help documentation for the screen you are currently viewing.

Additional Regional Support - DEXplor now honors regional settings (digit separator, grouping, etc) for file sizes. Multiple fixes for non-English devices. File sizes can now be displayed in Kilobytes or Bytes.

New Graph Style - DEXplor now supports an additional style of graphing for displaying Directory Sizes, Storage Card Use and Zip File Compression.

Multiple Bug Fixes

Version 1.20 Enhancements:

New Task Manager Plugin - Provides the ability to view running Processes and kill them off. Includes CPU usage percent for each Process with integrated bar-graph (this and some other fields are only available for StrongARM devices).

Registry Searching - The Registry Editor plugin now supports this much-requested feature.

ClearType - The DEXplor TreeList is even easier on the eyes with this new capability. ClearType can be disabled in the DEXplor settings.

Storage Card Formatting - This new feature allows basic formatting of all types of Storage Cards. Currently formatting is limited to the FAT16 structure. This capability is fully functional in the Shareware version as well.

New Navigation Commands - New commands are available for "Previous Directory" and "Close All Directories" for more efficient TreeList navigation.

Network Aware - Pocket PC 2002 devices can access shared files from other computers. DEXplor now recognizes shared folders and will not attempt to calculate directory sizes due to network speed constraints.

TreeList Refinements - Several refinements to the TreeList; Flicker-Free drawing, fixed Directional-Pad navigation problem, TreeList will not auto-HScroll after sorting, TreeList will not auto-HScroll when navigating within the same tree branch.

Multiple Bug Fixes

  • Fixed startup issue on Pocket PC 2002 devices with broken file associations. This would result in slow startup times or the device "freezing" up at DEXplor startup
  • Fixed bug causing sporadic crashes when navigating TreeList.
  • ROM File checkbox now correctly indicates ROM files in the File Properties Dialog.
  • Storage Cards that are inserted after DEXplor is already running are now recognized as a storage card and not a regular directory.
  • Autosizing of the "Size & Graph" field for Zip subitems fixed.
  • Settings save / load problem fixed for non-english devices or when running DEXplor from a Storage Card.
  • Toolbar commands are now available when a TreeList is first filled with data based on the initially selected item.
Quick Facts
Name: DEXplor File Explorer and Framework
Release Date: 5/21/2002
Version: 1.30
Cost: $13.95
Requirements: Pocket PC
Size on Device:

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DEXplor's Hybrid TreeList
Integrated Zip support

Task Manager

Registry Editor

File Association Editor

File Association Detail

Advanced Context Menus

Settings Tree

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